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Hey Spartans, my name is Tiffany Vuong and I am currently a sophomore. This is my first year writing for the Spartan Oracle, and I couldn´t be more thrilled. I have a passion for writing. The Spartan Oracle is an outlet for me to connect with other students through my articles, as well as voicing my opinions on various topics. I use music as my inspiration to write; my current favorite album is “Melodrama” by Lorde. Outside of school, you'll most likely find me roaming around downtown San Luis Obispo with my friends, or cuddled up in bed watching Netflix Originals. If you are close friends with me, you would know that I´m almost always down for a spontaneous adventure. In the future, I hope to travel frequently and study abroad in the UK.

Tiffany Vuong , Reporter

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Tiffany Vuong