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Sonia Wasserman
I’m Sonia Wasserman, an eleventh-grade reporter for the Spartan Oracle. In this class, I would like to improve my skills in writing and discover what my passions are. I enjoy being active in my community through school sports, such as basketball, cross country, and track I’m also one of the few girls in my community within the Boy Scouts of America organization and I’m determined to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Mentoring the youth in boy scouts allows me to lead them in basic training and exemplify what it means to be a great scout. As a gym rat, I stay fit by lifting weights each day and maintaining a healthy diet.  Some of the career options I’m currently weighing include engineering, writing, and medicine. I want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle where I have the resources to enjoy hobbies and family, potentially settling down in a place similar to Santa Barbara, CA. 

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

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