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Luke Perez
Greetings everyone, my name is Luke Perez and I’m a junior here at Orcutt Academy! I just turned seventeen this past July, and I love to run, play guitar, and eat Chipotle burritos in my free time. My passion lies in working hard, whether that’s at school, my workplace, or in my extracurricular activities. History and Journalism are by far my two favorite subjects, and that’s largely due to my love for learning historical events and current news. This year in Journalism, I look forward to getting to expand my skills as an editor, and meet my fellow classmates/reporters. Currently, I work at In-N-Out Burger in Santa Maria, and I absolutely love it there; my fellow associates are so fun to work with, and I always anticipate clocking into work. This school year will most definitely be a thrilling one, not only for me, but for everyone else here at Orcutt Academy!

Luke Perez, Editor

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