When should we open up?

Many people across California have been asking the same question. “When will schools, restaurants, and movie theaters open back up?” Currently with the Covid-19 Vaxine now reaching Americans across the country, it is likely that the answer is, sooner than expected. Schools across the United States have reopened. Schools in states such as Florida, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, and West Virginia have now sent out an order saying that schools are now open five days a week, says CNN. Currently some schools around California and the Santa Maria area have now been starting to open their gates. Schools such as Miller Elementary and Ralph Dunlap are set to let their elementary students enter the classroom starting March 8th. Movie theaters around the world are also starting to let viewers watch movies more frequently throughout the week. Reports say that most movie theaters should be able to go back to business starting this holiday season. 


So what do you think, will everything be able to go back to how it was. Or will this pandemic remain for years to come. Sophomore at Orcutt Academy, Hanah Godine,  says, “I think it’s important for us to go back to school, especially the little kids. They need a school environment to learn in, not just a laptop with the teachers face on it.”