Update on CIF Sport Rules and Schedules



This Thursday, a new letter from the commissioner of the CIF Central Section was sent out regarding Covid-19 guidelines and a new schedule for fall sports.


For starters, playoffs and championship events for water polo, football, cross country, and volleyball have been cancelled. This change was made as a result of the CPHS (California Department of Public Health) guidance, which only allows competition between bordering counties. Along with these changes, ending dates for 

various sports have also been pushed back to allow more time for competitions to be scheduled. Cross country’s new ending date is now March 27, Football is now April 17, and Girls Volleyball and Water Polo is now March 20. 




    As for starting dates, all CIF sports have been separated into different groups regarding CPHS created tiers. The CPHS tiers are based on risk of Covid-19 community disease transmission going from yellow to orange to red, to purple; with yellow at low risk and purple at high risk. The sports allowed to be played in purple are cross country, tennis, golf, swim & dive, and track & field. Sports in red are lacrosse, baseball, and softball. Sports in orange are badminton, football, soccer, boys & girls volleyball, and water polo. Sports in yellow are cheerleading (indoors), basketball, and wrestling. As most of the counties in the state are currently categorized in the purple tier, sports in the purple tier are first in line to begin competition. Cross country in particular is listed to start first but the first contest date has still not been determined. For more information regarding starting dates for various sports, here is the link to the original letter with an attached schedule: https://www.cifcs.org/general/January_SOS_Update.pdf