OA’s got talent

This week Orcutt Academy began voting on the entrees for the annuel school talent show! This year, the talent show was held in a new way due to the school closure. Students will now send in videos of their acts, instead of performing to a live audience like past years. The show has been long in the making, with students submitting videos from weeks ago up to the entree deadline of October 2nd. 


The range of performances this year includes singing, dancing, music, and other unique talents.Some of these performances include Logan Kerns and Owen Rich’s work on the piano, and Rosalyn Wall’s poetry reading. The videos for these acts and more have been posted in ASB google classrooms, which also include an area for students to vote on which act they preferred. There will be two rounds of voting, with the winner of each round facing off against each other inside the finals. Congratulations to Owen Rich for being the winner of this year´s talent show!