College Athletes getting paid?


For the average high school athlete, the thought of making a steady income while competing for their dream college seems impossible. But this way of thinking could be coming to a halt over the next couple of years. 

    The NCAA, according to an article on USA Today, is proposing rule changes that would allow players to make money off their likeness. So what does this mean? Essentially this means whenever a popular athlete’s name or image is put onto a piece of merchandise or advertisement run by the official team, that player would receive part of the profit. To take this to another level, the most popular athletes may now be able to sign official brand deals and receive endorsements from large companies like Nike or Adidas.


These opportunities would be extremely valuable for all student athletes. All the time and dedication put into being a college athlete would finally come with a reward that’s not just the experience. Even fans would benefit from these rule changes, as payment would bring an even bigger incentive for players to put out everything they have on the table.

Now, how would these rules get implemented in the first place? Two members from the U.S House have already introduced a bill addressing these changes. Anthony Gonzalez and Emanuel Cleaver are planning to finally give students the chances they deserve to make some well earned dough. Along with this, the two senators plan to protect the athletes’ credibility but prohibit deals with companies associated with vaping, alcohol, drugs, and even gambling.