NBA Seasons Review

As we all know, nearly every single local and professional sport league has been unfortunately unable to hold any games, let alone a whole season. But there is one exception, The Nation Basketball Association. Essentially, the NBA set up a bubble to hold all of its players in a confined, COVID free area. They were able to run this operation successfully through daily testing and social distancing whenever possible. But enough talk about how they pulled off this incredible feat. Let’s go back and review some of the best seasons teams were able to create while in this bubble.

 First, we have to start with the new reigning champs, the Los Angeles Lakers. Finishing with a record of 52-19, they were the number one seed in the Western Conference. This was a highly anticipated outcome seeing how they were able to clinch Anthony Davis, a top ten player in the league, to be paired with Lebron James. Not only did both of their stars perform well, primary roleplayers such as Rajon Rondo exceeded expectations as well, becoming valuable assets for the team while in their nearly perfect playoff run.

The second team I feel necessary to cover is the Miami Heat. Even though they made it all the way to the finals, they only managed to take the fifth seed in the East with a record of 44-29. The reasons for their shocking playoff run as underdogs can be justified by the hardwork and determination of Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler. These two combined averaged nearly 40 points for Heat while in the playoffs and put up even crazier numbers and minutes while in the finals. The best performance was in Game 3 of the finals where Butler put up a statline of 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists.