Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Earlier this week, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a justice on the supreme court, died due to complications with pancreatic cancer. Ginsberg was well known around the country and in her field for her strides towards equal rights for all.


Ginsberg was born in 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in a low income family, and was told to have got her inspiration from her mother who taught her the importance of education, as well as how to work well with others and independently. She attended college at Cornell University in a heavily male dominant class, where she struggled with hostile classmates. Soon after she attended Harvard University,and became the first woman ever to win the Harvard Law Review award. Ginsberg began serving on the supreme court in 1993 (becoming the second only female justice) up until her recent death. During this time she was able to pass and support many bills and laws for women’s rights in America. One of her most famous court rulings was the King vs. Burwell case, where she helped pass the decision to help Americans keep their healthcare through exchanges with healthcare providers not tied to the state. Another important case that she helped pass was Bush vs. Gore, with her vote towards Gore almost leading him to become the president of the United States. With these examples and more, Ginsberg can clearly be seen as a role model for many, especially for women who are looking to get into political positions. “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”-Ruth Bader Ginsberg.