Maya Rosas: Painting a future


Dylan Adams

This is one amazing piece of art by Maya Rosas.

One of the many wonderful artworks by Maya Rosas. (Dylan Adams)

Maya Rosas is a junior at Orcutt Academy high school and loves her art work. She has worked on improving her skills since a young age, and just recently started sharing it with the world. These are just two of her amazing art pieces.

Rosas says she puts a lot of hard work into her art pieces and is still able to maintain straight A’s and be a great family member. She hopes to one day start a business selling her art. Maya’s pieces are currently for sale, prices vary depending on the canvas size.

Although creating works is not the easiest task, the final product is something to take pride in and she says, “ I don’t just make my art for no reason, it’s a passion and I love seeing the great outcome of my hard work.”