The close-contact virus

Lauren Reno, Reporter

The Coronavirus pandemic is currently a hot topic all across the globe. Infection rates, prevention measures, and personal stories are broadcasted in the media during all hours of the day. But with confusing false-claims and sometimes biased information, it can be hard to distinguish the fact from fiction. I had the rare opportunity to speak with someone who tested positive for the virus.


Lisa Lynn is a current resident in Bakersfield, California, and lives with three of her children, daughter-in-law, and husband. At first, her son developed body aches and a long-lasting cough. It’s unknown where he got the virus, but there is suspicion that he had caught it in public. “He went out to Costco and did some shopping for us before they required masks… so he went out in public unprotected,” explains Lisa. Soon after, Lisa Lynn started showing symptoms. On April 10th, she and her family were tested. Her, her son, and her husband were all tested positive. However, they all had different indications of the virus. 


Her son, Jack, had intense body aches, a dry-cough, and shortness of breath. Lisa Lynn had much worse symptoms: cough, migraines, joint pain, muscle pains, high fever, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, and a blistering rash. Nevertheless, her husband only had a light dry-cough.


 “What makes this virus so scary is that it’s different for all people and it’s hard to predict who will get the worst of it,” says Lisa. After a week in the hospital, Lisa Lynn had a long recovery at home. She was pronounced negative for the virus on May 3rd. 


COVID-19 is a high-risk virus and affects people both directly and indirectly. “It has affected [my family’s] whole life! We miss school, we miss sports, we miss church, and our business isn’t as busy.” Along with Lisa Lynn and her family, many other families across the world have been struggling.


 In order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, Lisa advises everyone to stay home and wear preventative masks in public- not only for their own health, but for the benefit of all other individuals within the community.