Gym Short: Aidan Crowley



Orcutt Academy’s tennis team is lucky to have junior Aidan Crowley playing at their #1 Singles spot this year. Having more than 5 years of experience, Crowley is, without a doubt, an important person to thank for the team’s recent successes.


This is Crowley’s third year on the Orcutt Academy Varsity tennis team. When asked why he started tennis, he replied, “I just loved the sport. It’s a fun sport to play and I had a lot of my friends playing too when I started.” Being the athletic player that he is, Aidan also has experience in playing other sports as well, such as, baseball, golf, and swim. Unfortunately,  all four sports taking place during the spring season, Crowley was conflicted with having to choose only one, but through much thought and consideration, he decided to pursue his passion for tennis in high school.


Being in a different league than the previous year, Crowley is looking forward to meeting new teams and improving his abilities. “Right now my serve is kind of in the dumpster. It needs a lot of improvement and hopefully during the summer I can do that. I’d really like to get better,” Crowley shares. With the current team, he believes they have the potential to make it to CIF this year stating, “I think we have a great shot. Our team looks strong and hopefully we can win the league and move on to CIF.” However, in order to reach that goal, Crowley believes the team needs to work on communication and positivity. 


Among his teammates, Crowley is known to be an encouraging and admirable person, both on and off court. Fellow teammate, Rafael Relyea, looks up to Aidan saying, “On court he is incredibly strong. I fear his serves, like, they’re the devil. He’s so well rounded and it’s 
incredible how adaptive he is. Highly impressive.” Similarly, senior and co-captain Nathan Calhoun describes Crowley to be one of the best high school players he has ever seen and thinks of him to be among his greatest friends. “Off the court, he’s a good friend. We play ping pong together and always have a great time. He makes me smile and is all around a great guy,” Calhoun reveals.


However, Crowley’s positivity is what impresses his teammates the most. When in need of help or advice, he is the player to go to. “If you’re having a bad day, he gives you tips and pointers. And when he’s playing a match he’s always a good sport and he has a positive mentality and thinks every game can be won even if he’s down,” says Calhoun. 

With his strong passion for sports, Aidan is hoping to continue tennis in the future, saying that it is one of those very few sports that you are able to play later on in life. He wants to continue to enjoy playing the sport for as long as possible, hopefully with his friends and family. 

Good luck to Aidan Crowley and the Orcutt Academy tennis team this season!