Sink or swim: OA’s swim team


Don’t know how to swim and want to join a sport? Join the swim team! Rumor is they will teach you how to swim and help you with PE credits as long as you join the team. Is this way or recruiting a great idea? Orcutt Academy students spill the tea on the swim team and their methods.


The rumors are true about not needing to know how to swim to be on the swim team, swim team member Kai Childers clarifies. Childers says that more skilled senior team members regularly teach new members the basics of how to swim under the supervision of mandatory life guards. 


The team uses the free instruction as a recruiting method to include athletic students who don’t know how to swim or are weak swimmers. The practice is both beneficial to the team as a whole and students interested in joining by providing senior members with teaching experience, and tutees the life skill of swimming. 


The act of increasing the inclusivity of the team is also beneficial to both the mental and physical health of students, allowing them to stay active and be part of a team. Being a part of a team is immensely helpful socially, as almost daily practice and frequent swim meets unite team members and cause them to be closer as friends and teammates. 


You don’t need to know how to swim to join Orcutt Academy’s swim team family, so don’t be shy and sign up if you’re curious! Have fun and free style your way to the team, Spartans!