Solitary Singles take on VDay


Valentine’s Day is a special time for you and your hubby to make the most of your relationship, or find an emotionally scarring way to spend too much money while attempting to save a relationship that crashed and burned long before the holiday of ‘romance’ – flaunting the expensive dinners, romantic gestures, human sized teddy bears, and obscenely large boxes of chocolates on social media almost competitively. 

However, there are the select few who end up face down in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s after watching The Notebook again in mourning of their unfulfilled romantic dreams – or worse – stalking their ex on social media. But there is another option, and it involves less tissues and emotional eating; it;s celebrating. 

Take the day to love being single, and do whatever you want, because you don’t have to compromise or please anyone else. We came up with a few tried and true methods of keeping the Valentine’s Day bug at bay:

  • Dance your heart out. It doesn’t matter when or where you do the macarena, but make it as fun and as kooky as you want it to be. After all, you are dancing only for you, and the only judgement you’ll get is from your confused pets. 
  • Rock out. Find a good non romantic playlist or radio station on Spotify and vibe to it. Turn up your favorite songs about being single or just being cool. Oldies like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones are perfect for this.
  • Go on a cheesy horror movie binge. The singles are always the last ones alive in horror flicks, the ultimate survivors. Bask in the knowledge that you would survive long after the ditzy couples had been eaten, or otherwise maimed. 
  • Laugh your butt off. Throw on a comedy like White Chicks, Napoleon Dynamite, or anything with Melissa McCarthy and prepare to laugh to the point of wheezing. Laughter has been scientifically proven to release mood lifting hormones like serotonin and dopamine, so not only will you have fun, but you’ll also feel better in the long run. 
  • Have a ‘singles unite’ moment. Meet up with other single pringles and do something hilarious or embarrassing like karaoke or JustDance. Nobody is ever very good at either of these options, but laughing at yourself is half the fun.

All in all, do what makes you happy for Valentine’s Day and keeps you from falling down the rabbit hole of insecurity about being a singleton. Embrace your freedom in whichever way you please, whether you pick an option on this list or cuddle with a pet. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ The Spartan Oracle

P.S. Stay away from sappy romance movies and Netflix’s new To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.