Top 10 strangest American traditions


America has a variety of cultures, habits, and traditions unlike other countries. Some of these traditions are seen as uncommon and strange. Here’s a list of the Top 10 American quirks. 


  1. Iced Beverages. Enjoying an iced beverage may seem like a very normal thing in restaurants. However, other countries often keep their beverages at room temperature before they’re served. 
  2. Eating dinner early. Rushing an early, instant dinner is a very normal part of an American schedule. Most countries often don’t start until 8-9pm. 
  3. Pumpkin! As an American crop, pumpkin has inspired many of the countries traditions: Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. We add it into drinks, deserts, and even serve it as a spice. Other countries would truly never understand. 
  4. Prom? It’s a dance that everyone looks forward to in their youth. Other countries have formal dances and balls, they do not celebrate this particular dance. No prom=no prom king and queen. 
  5. The Metric System. It’s one of the most distinct differences between the U.S. and other countries. While America had Farenheit, ounces, and feet, other countries like Britain and France use Celsius, grams, and meters. 
  6. Tailgating. Sports is no doubt one of America’s biggest passions. Although other countries also have their share of sports fanatics, the act of throwing grill and beer parties hours and hours before the game is ridiculous. 
  7. Baby Showers. It is normal for an expecting mother to celebrate her child with close friends and family. Outside Canada and America, it is considered bad luck to celebrate the baby. 
  8. Black Friday. After major holidays, millions of people flood stores for great shopping deals. However, this behavior is often considered disrespectful as it ruins the religious spirit. 
  9. Excessive Patriotism. Since the Revolutionary War, America has found patriotism to be a normal part of culture. Americans wear flags, pledge allegiance every morning, and often sing the national anthem. This is seen as disrespectful and excessive to outside countries. 
  10. Groundhog Day. The idea of Groundhog Day is silly to other countries. The action of watching a groundhog determining whether or not spring is soon based off a shadow, seems ridiculous. Other countries usually just start in March, the same time as America does.