Spartan Speak: What Disney animation do you want to see as a live action movie?


Recently, one of the world’s leading providers of entertainment,The Walt Disney Company, has been making a strong effort to turn its animated classics into live-action films. Just this past year Disney received a great amount of praise for releasing four incredible live-actions: Dumbo, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Maleficent. With the significant push Disney is making into the productions of these movies, it makes sense to believe that there are more to come in the future. And so, we decided to ask the students of Orcutt Academy what Disney animated film they would like to see as a live-action next. Here are some of their responses:

“Ratatouille because it’s my favorite Disney movie and seeing rats running around in real life would be interesting.”

Isis Perez, sophomore 

“Mickey Mouse because it’d be creepy.”

Jayden Kamiya, senior

“Moana because it’s such a great movie.”

Kristin Matematico, freshman

“I would change Tangled into a live action movie because it’s a story that can transfer well into real-life people and real-life sets and be equally as beautiful. The cinematography would be awesome.”

Cassandra Crowley, freshman

“Princess and the Frog would be a great live-action. I honestly don’t remember it that well but in my mind I feel like it would be really great. I think the voodoo doctor would be really cool to see in live-action.”

Ryan Thomas, senior

“Up. I used to see that movie a lot when I was younger and I’d like to see a talking dog.”

Cassie Cavazos, freshman

“Tangled. I loved that movie as a child.”

Lael Hastings, sophomore

“I would pick Treasure Planet. First, it’s a childhood favorite and second, it’s set in space so you could do a whole bunch of cool CGI effects.”

Ashleigh Pay, sophomore

“I would say brave because I like Scottish people.”

Siena Asencio, sophomore


“I would want Atlantis:The Lost Empire to be a live-action because it’s one of my favorite Disney movies that I’ve ever seen and it’s got magic.”

Nic Utter, junior

“I think Treasure Planet because with all the CGI we have nowadays we could have a really cool live-action.

Briana Harris, senior

“Finding Nemo! It would be interesting to see that.”

Shivani Panchal, Junior

“Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorites.”

Alyssa Flores, Junior

“Coco… I feel like that could work.”

Mr Sage. 

“A live-action Snow White… bring back the classics.”

Abraham Villanueva, Junior

“None. Why would they rehash what’s already done…but worse.”

Jack Hinkle, Junior

“Finding Dory because I like Dory.”

Justin Stites, Junior 

“Brave. Maybe not the same story as the original, but a new story of Merida would be awesome.”

Mr. Dell’Armo