Spartan Speak: What would you add to the school cafeteria?


A controversy over the variety of food is in the cafeteria has started among Orcutt Academy students. The Spartan Oracle decided to ask students what food they would add to the cafeteria menu if they had a choice.

“I would add a coffee cart that the students would use.”

-Ariana Cross


-Winston Harris


-Michael Wagner


-Marc Valdez


-Cameron Carpenter

“I would add frijoles to the lunch”

-Bryce Cofield 

“Pasta, because they used to have it but they took it away.”

-Erynn Padhal

“We need more breakfast sandwiches because they run out of them too quickly.”

-Seraphino Garcia

“We need to spice it up some more with some spicy curry”

-Noah Nickell

“A wider variety of fruits and vegetables”

-Jeyden Matthews

“Kim Chia”, a traditional korean dish

-Marcos Gonzalez

“More mexican food like enchiladas”

-Lauren Reno

“Carne Asada burritos” 

-Mr. Addison Sage

“New York Steak”

-Mr. Josh Mason


-Hannah Zuckerbraun

“Pasta, maybe some fettuccine alfredo”

-Isaiah Weichinger

“Sour Patch Kids”

-Conner Mohler


-Jay Kim

“Green smoothies”

-Ireland Donovan

“Cookies or apple pie”

-Riley Speer