Introducing the Spartans

Many seventh and eighth graders are interested in becoming an Orcutt Academy Spartan next year as ASB members spread information and promote school spirit through visits to local middle schools.


    Our Orcutt Academy Spartans went to three local junior high schools around town, Lakeview, Orcutt Junior High, and Olga Reed/OAK-8. ASB students, robotics participants such as William Jin, drama student Adella Westerfield, football, volleyball and many other athletes were brought down to the schools to share stories about how Orcutt Academy has shaped them into the people they are today. There were lunchtime activities, music, and speeches given to the middle schoolers about advice for their upcoming highschool experience. 


    “It was so much fun and it went great. I loved seeing all the students interested in what highschool is like,” says senior Hayden Umphenour. Umphenour led activities with fellow student Hayley Parker. Parker explained, “ I felt as if this year was much more interactive and the time with the middle schoolers was much more efficient.”  


    At the end of each class period, the Orcutt Academy presenters rotated through table groups. The OA students spent about 5 minutes each, talking to each table group, answering any questions they had and getting to know them a bit better. 


    Many students were interested in becoming Spartans so make sure to give them a warm welcome next year!