How to prevent sport injuries


Victoria Mora, reporter

Playing sports can be dangerous. You zone out for one second, and someone hits you with a ball! However, there are many ways to prevent all kinds of injuries. These are some examples. 

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, approximately 8.6 million athletes are injured by playing sports each year. Luckily, athletes can easily protect themselves. One way is by wearing protective gear. Each sport comes with its own, and make sure to wear the right gear for the sport. Some sports require helmets, knee pads, eye protection, etc. 

The website says, athletes should know that it’s important to warm up before any game or practice. It’s even important to warm up before stretching! By warming up, the body gently prepares for exercise. The joints loosen and increase the blood flow to the muscles. It might take a little extra time, but it can save you a hospital visit. 

Drink water! Fainting because of dehydration isn’t fun. At all. Staying hydrated helps all the systems of the body function. Water is like gas for humans. It helps people be energized and run as fast as Speedy Gonzales (not literally). 

Play by the rules. If you’re going to play a sport, make sure to know the rules. You don’t want to be dribbling the ball when you play soccer. You also want to pay attention to what the coaches say and watch out for the players who get made easily. 

Ms. Davis, the physical trainer at Orcutt Academy High School, says, “To prevent a muscle or ligament injury I would say strength training, so just make sure you’re strong, healthy, and have a proper diet.”

By following these rules, you can make sure you play a sport as safely as possible. So make sure to wear a helmet, you may look “dumb” but you’ll look worse with bruises on your face.