What is class of 2022 up to these days?

Isis Perez, Reporter

Orcutt Academy has a number of great clubs to join and be involved in including a club for whatever grade you are in. If you are currently a sophomore then the class of 2022 club is for you.

Class of 2022 board consists of President Kathryn Cardona, Vice President Hannah Zuckerbraun, Treasurer Starr Funkhouser, and Secretary Isis Perez. It is led and watched over by advisor and school psychologist, Mrs. Ballard. The actual club consists of about thirty students that signed up at club day and are active participants.

Class clubs aren’t all that big of a deal until around junior and senior year when fun activities and trips come along. The class of 2022 is currently planning to fundraise and looking for places.

The main focus of the class this year is the Sadie Hawkins dance which will be in March.

“As soon as we get back from Thanksgiving break we will have a class meeting and start coming up with a game plan for the dance.”

Earlier this year, the board got together and discussed plans for Grad Night as well as Prom. President Kathryn Cardona expressed that the club will be making preparations as well as reservations for these two very important events as soon as the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

The class currently has about $1700 saved up from a club day fundraiser and including gaining the money that was donated by the previous class of 2019.

Good luck on reaching your goal this year class of 2022!