Minecraft: An unexpected phenomenon

When asked the best video game of all time, many will go to the obvious answers;  Super Mario 64, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and many other timeless games. However, I am here to propose a more recent game, a game that has shown itself to be a constant  success worldwide from the year it came out in 2009: Minecraft. 


This game has surprisingly become one of the most popular games of all time, even though it is as simple as it gets. Most games nowadays have a certain layout and all story modes are the same, but Minecraft is different because it is fun to play without the goal of beating the game. I think a big reason of why it’s gotten so popular is because it allows people of all ages to explore their imagination and be creative through a new medium. 


In May of 2019, Microsoft and Mojang announced they have officially sold over 176 million copies of Minecraft worldwide. Another reason Minecraft has become such a giant is the lack of a language barrier, so people all across the world can enjoy it equally. It’s rare to have a game this popular throughout a majority of the world because of the difference in language and culture. This means only a few games have reached the worldwide fandom which Minecraft has. The game itself is just fun, you get to build houses and have pet horses and wolves on a quest of survival against creatures that come out at night.Who would have thought a game so mundane like Minecraft could become so popular.