Orcutt Academy students chosen to join PCPA mentorship program

This year, PCPA invited five Orcutt Academy students to join their mentorship program in performing arts. Through this program, students are being taught new parts of theater and the musical world, along with gaining more experience towards their acting career.


In order to become a part of this program, each student was personally invited.  Sabrina Dana, Justin Roslinda, Login Landress, Tatyana Rojas, and Edella Westerfield are now all part of this inspiring program. Most of these students have been acting for many years. “I’ve always had the acting bug, but I’ve professionally been doing it for almost 5 years,” Tatyana states. Along with acting, they are also involved in music and musical theater. The classes and mentorship are split up into two different groups. One for those who want to focus on acting, and the other with the focus of singing.  Edella, Orcutt Academy senior, explains, “For me, I’m in the singing mentorship… I have been singing since I was two years old.” This program allows students to choose their route, but also creates a sense of community with joint performances intertwining acting and singing. The directors, staff, and students all work together to make this class possible by promoting and encouraging talented students to continue pursuing their dreams in the world of performing arts.


The class and mentorship consists of performing, practicing, and pushing their limits.  They meet once or twice a week to act or sing. During these classes, the students rehearse while getting feedback from their mentors along with learning new techniques and skills. “He’s expanded my range dramatically so far and improved my breath control as well,”  Edella describes. The students who focus on singing, center their practices around improving range, proper singing techniques, and pitch. On the other side, the actors’ focal point is around performing a wide variety of scenes and characterization. Tatyana states, “So far in the three weeks I’ve been there, we’ve performed a couple of different scenes from different time periods and genres.”  Being taught new acting and singing skills through this program is life-changing and can help young actors reach their potential.                               


 Overall this mentorship program is inspiring students to pursue their passion for performing arts and helping them reach their goals. Congratulations to the Spartan performers partaking in the program.