Ask Athena


Vivian Meyer, Reporter

Dear Athena, I’m going to be 18 for the next election, but I have no interest in politics. Does it matter?


Sincerely, a teen with new adult responsibilities 


To the teen with new adult responsibilities, 


Yes, it matters. Every vote counts in democracy and no one you know has to know who you voted for. I suggest you look deeper into the issues you find important, then vote for candidates that match what you agree with on those topics. If you want to change to happen, I believe you should vote and make good of the right you’re given to make your country the way you want it to be. No one will stop you from using your vote, and I would certainly never frown upon anyone who votes in elections. 


Dear Athena,


 I’m falling behind in my classes, but my friends keep asking to hang out. I don’t want to miss out on the fun, but I’m also struggling to keep up my grades. What should I do?


Dear struggling student, 


What you’re experiencing is a common dilemma as students try to maintain their academic and social priorities. My advice is to find a balance that works for your personal schedule. You have the choice of whatever you find more important, but academics will help lead to a future career or at least give you more options for college. There is tutoring after school and you can get help from your friends, too. I believe that friends are very important, but they will understand if you have to stake more time in your studies. Once you are satisfied with your grades and classwork, of course, you can spend more time with your friends again.