The tall man in sandals

Mr. Joel Mason, room 8, the place where knowledge is given and retained. From teacher to students the connection between the two could not be stronger. While the class has already accomplished so much, the lesson plans are still packed.

Mr. Joel Mason has been teaching for 22 years, 11 of which has been at Orcutt Academy. Mason teaches two classes, modern world history and a concurrent enrollment class for students looking for more of a challenge, along with college credits. Both classes just concluded learning about classical civilizations and created an infomercial where students had to “sell” a civilization in video format. Now, they will begin studying the post-classical era. Mason shared a small fact on this topic, “1 in 200 people on the planet today have Genghis Khan’s DNA, he was kinda brutal.”


 Throughout the year, every student will research on an important empire, war, or civilization then present in front of the class. This is one of the most important assignments in his class, and serves as a  great way to practice public speaking, as it must be 20 minutes long. 


“History doesn’t happen in chapters,” is the infamous Mr. Mason quote said for years now. Mason uses this as a way to understand the connections between places around the world. “I try to connect previous topics to what we are currently talking about because if you jump into any random chapter, you’ll miss a key foundation.” Mr. Mason thanks memes and the internet for helping spread his saying.