Orcutt Academy striving to keep the community clean

Three of Orcutt Academy’s volunteer clubs collaborate together to clean-up the community. Secretary of Key Club, Edella Westerfield, shares information about the service.


Orcutt Academy is comprised of many extracurricular clubs that focus on the aid of others, school, and community. Some of these clubs include Key Club, Interact Club, CSF, NHS, and HAO. They meet together in their individual clubs to discuss what can be done to help our environment. Recently, some of Orcutt’s residents and students have noticed how much trash there had been around the community; most likely due to the recent windy weather the coast has been getting. In response, the school’s service clubs organized an opportunity every club member and student can engage in. “We wanted to clean up the community and offer a new and exciting project to our members,” says Edella Westerfield, Key Club’s secretary and member of the HAO (Humanitarian Aid Organization). 


Key Club, HAO, and Interact Club have found a solution. The “Tri-Club Orcutt Cleanup” provides a way for students, Orcutt residents, and members to play a role in their community. The group will be cleaning up both sides of Clark Avenue as they walk from Orcutt Academy to the Oak Knolls Shopping Center. “I think being involved in your community is really important. A lot of people take things for granted and an opportunity to help with something has so many positives,” says Westerfield. 


The project takes place on Saturday, November 23rd at 10-12 am. It starts on the Orcutt Academy High School campus and ends at Oak Knolls Shopping Center (most likely Orcutt Burger). For more information, contact Edella Westerfield or Dante Surra. Further info will also be discussed during Key Club, Interact Club, and HAO meetings.