Keep it classy


Victoria Mora, Reporter

The Success 103 class at Orcutt Academy High School helps seniors prepare for their life after high school. Teachers Leigh Stephenson and Dona Kintzi both teach a class. 


During ​the fall semester, they are focussing on career research and college applications. Spring semester is all about life skills. Teachers hope to have students feel comfortable asking for help, expressing their feelings, and taking time to be introspective. 


Stephenson says she enjoys teaching the class because, “Hearing the various aspirations of our seniors is so exciting,” she also likes the flexibility of the class.Teachers are also learning new things with the help of their students. “I have learned so much about joining the military in the past two months because students like Richard Baray and Kobe Mohler have so much great knowledge,” states Stephenson. She also misses teaching juniors in US history because, according to her, “Juniors have spunk!”


The teachers want to give students practical life skills like how to register to vote, how to invest in the stock market, and how to apply for an apartment. They also want to know what the students are interested in and give them the best possible learning experience. With teachers who care that much, who wouldn’t want to take a class that can help them in their future!