Spartans Speak: students with part-time jobs


Gavin Naylor, Reporter

There are many students at Orcutt Academy High School who work hard on their academics, while  also maintaining a job outside of school. Here are some of the Spartans who found the balance between their academics and part-time work.


  Junior Rafe Relya works at Pizzeria Belloforno. “It’s a great environment and all my coworkers are really interesting people.”


Nathan Calhoun, senior and ASB president, works at Trattoria Uliveto,  an italian restaurant in Old Orcutt. Nathan also has a good relationship with his co-workers. He adds, “While my job as a dishwasher is certainly strenuous at times, my colleagues make it more enjoyable!”


Senior Hope Smith works at In-N-Out. She puts a large emphasis on work environment as well. She says, “The relationship between the associate’s is like a family.” She especially appreciates everyone being welcome and willing to lend a helping hand.


Senior and varsity football captain, Bryce Cofield along with a few other students at Orcutt Academy work at Albertsons in Orcutt. Cofield enjoys working at Albertsons because he get the amazing opportunity to be close with his community and help people out as best he can.


Carl Westover works at Chuck E. Cheese. He sees his coworkers  “having another friend group”. Westover explained how he can connect with his customers and still find ways to have a good time. He has also seen major improvement in his speaking skills when talking to people.


Alyssa Samaniego is a senior at Orcutt Academy and works at her local Jack in the Box. She shares how her job is fast paced and keeps her busy, “there’s never a moment when im not doing something.” She loves to be involved with people and help them in any way possible.


Vanessa Salazar, varsity basketball captain, has been working at Trader Joes for (how many) months now and continues to feel appreciation towards her fellow staff members. Ever since the first day of work, Salazar felt a connection with everyone she works with as well as her customers.


Junior Kyle Maxwell works at First Christian Church as a member of the video team. Maxwell enjoys his flexible hours and gets to work at his own place of worship which helps him connect and interact with people he is comfortable with.


Senior Hayden Umphenour works at Starbucks and  loves the fast pace environment. “I love staying busy and I have the best coworkers which makes it that much better.”


Honor roll student and varsity tennis player, Troy Fulton spends his weekend working at Vandenberg Village Market stocking and helping in the meat department. “I like being able to get people what they need.”