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The teVelde Conservatory of Music is teaching perfect pitch

The teVelde Conservatory of Music is teaching perfect pitch

October 19, 2019

Do you want a perfect pitch? Have you been told that the only way to obtain perfect pitch is by being born with it? With recent techniques and methods invented, everyone is now able to learn perfect pitch at the teVelde Conservatory of Music. 


Perfect pitch is the ability to hear the frequency/vibration of each note and to be able to tell them apart easily. When playing an instrument, the perfect pitch is extremely helpful in learning new pieces of music. When someone with perfect pitch hears a song played, they can learn that song faster than someone without it because they know what notes to play just from hearing the song once.


Bonnie teVelde, the CEO of teVelde Conservatory, created “SensAPitch,” the only whole-brain music method for teaching perfect pitch. teVelde was born with her ability, and after seeing the benefits that perfect pitch gave her, she wanted to create a way for everyone to have it. 


The way “SensAPitch” uses the whole brain is by involving all of the five senses. For example, the note C’s visual is the color red. C, to most students, feels warm and relaxing. For taste, smell, and texture, strawberries are usually used when teaching students the note C. Then, for hearing, the note C is played on the piano. 


Perfect pitch is a visual and auditory skill that many musicians would like to possess. Thanks to Bonnie teVelde, perfect pitch can now be taught and learned by those seeking to improve their musical talents. At the teVelde Conservatory of Music, everyone has the opportunity to learn the perfect pitch!

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