PHEW Review

October 8, 2019

PHEW Review

Here are some underrated things that I felt should be seen by more people. 


Play This: The Battle of Polytopia 

The Battle of Polytopia is a strategic game that uses petit characters as the warriors and knights. The goal of the game is either to take over every city or to get the most points in the game. Polytopia is perfect for those who enjoy small challenges and is available on most smartphones. 


Hear This: Clarity by Zedd

Clarity is a very emotional song about lovers in a relationship that just doesn’t work out. This song is perfect to listen to if you’re just out of a long term relationship. Even though this song came out in 2012, I still think it’s a great song to listen to. 


Eat This: Belvita Biscuits 

Belvita Biscuits are the perfect item for breakfast and lunch! These crunchy treats are made of oats and rye flakes. They also contain 7 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. With many delicious flavors like vanilla and blueberry, Belvita Biscuits are the way to go! 


Watch This: Toy Story 4 

Toy Story 4 is personally one of my favorite Disney movies! As the most recent movie in the series, I like how it brings back most of the characters from the original. Toy Story 4 introduces the audience to many new characters as well, the most notable being Forky, a toy fork who adds quite a bit of comedy to the plot.  The movie keeps viewers on their toes with a reunion between Woody and Bo Peep as they endure ups and downs through all their adventures.

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