Art Part: Mrs. Lauren Eubanks


Orcutt Academy’s beloved Mrs. Lauren Eubanks is admired by many for her teaching skills, but not everyone is aware of her additional skills behind the paint brush. 


Eubanks took art classes in high school and continued to paint in college at UCSB. She enjoys painting because of “all the different textures and dimensions” she’s able to utilize. Her favorite paint to use is water based paints because cleaning her brushes after using oil based paints makes the whole room smell of a toxic odor which she tries to avoid around her students and baby.


Last year, many saw the Hocus Pocus inspired painting which Eubanks painted for Orcutt Academy’s drama class’ art auction. Eubanks shares that she spent around 12-15 hours total to complete the painting. She managed to do all of this while her new born baby was taking naps, or after he went to sleep. Eubanks shares that painting the details in the hair was her favorite part of painting this piece.


Eubanks’ artwork can be seen throughout campus, starting within her own classroom! Next time you’re in room 3, pick out how many art pieces are painted among the walls. You may be surprised to find out that many were created by Eubanks herself.