Orcutt Academy swim captain shares her experience


Jamie Allen is an exceptional swimmer for Orcutt Academy High School. She made varsity freshman and sophomore year, and is now the team captain. Jamie Allen’s talent, goals, and passion helped her make it to CIF last year. This coming year she wants to work with the swim team to get their girls relay group to CIF, along with improving her own times and relationships with others on the team.


 “I want to help inspire people to do their best,” she says. “And to work hard at the thing they love”. Through swimming, she has learned to use her time wisely, work hard, and do everything with her best ability. Playing sports is a major commitment, and requires dedication.  She states that learning how to balance swim and school has been life changing, and believes this will help her in her future. 


Allen also talked about her coaches phrase, which he often repeats. “Live your passion,” she explained that his saying really inspires her to do what she loves and to pursue swim. Allen believes that if you love a certain sport, you should continue doing it and  never be afraid of trying something new. She has been swimming since she was eight years old, and says even though she will eventually stop competitive swimming, but that she will never give up swimming all together.  


All the team members enjoy Allen’s positivity and encouragement.  Lauren Reno, fellow swimmer, says, “She is a great team leader, she helps everyone feel comfortable whether they’re new to the sport or experienced in swimming. She helps me calm down before the meets and feel confident about my technique and ability. Jamie is an asset to the team.” Overall Allen helps and inspires her peers and push them to do their best. 


When she swims, she makes sure to have a good positive attitude and hopes that others will do the same and focus on the positive.  The feeling of swimming is unforgettable and helps keep her stay in shape and active. All in all, she has fallen in love with the sport and enjoys inspiring others to excel in swimming and life.