New drum major alert!



The Orcutt Academy High School (OAHS) band is switching it up this year, starting with a new drum major, OAHS junior Noah Antonio. This being Antonio’s third year in the Spartan band, he decided to step up and take on the major leadership role of this year’s drum major.

At the beginning of last year, Antonio began preparing for the position. Previous Drum Major Trenton Kozel and band director Ms. Jocelyn Coburn were a big help in teaching Antonio the ins and outs of the position and how to lead his fellow classmates this upcoming season. “Trenton helped me from the beginning of March up until our band camp last month, and it was really great to have his support and past experience,” Antonio reports.

OAHS alum and previous drum major Trenton Kozel, commented on Antonio as drum major.

“He’s the epitome of cool, calm, and collected which is something I think every leader can struggle with. But no matter what’s going on, he can handle it in the most calm matter.”

Last month, the members of the band held an on-campus camp for new and returning OAHS students to work on performances and tactics for the new season. “We started off learning how to march,” Antonio explains, “and then we added our instruments. At the end of the week, we held a performance for our families.”

Antonio shares that he’s looking to get more of his bandmates involved in making decisions for the class this year, saying, “We’re trying to get our section leaders more involved by using an app called the Band App which helps people be aware of important dates and scheduled events.” Antonio also explains that this year they will be taping their performances and practices to watch back and find things to improve on.

Antonio had always admired the position of drum major, and when asked his reasoning for taking on the role he stated, “I wanted to be a leader, and I wanted to lead the band. After the seniors from last year left, I felt like it was our time to step up.”

The Spartan band will be led by Antonio next Friday, September 20th at Pioneer Valley High School; be sure to check them out, Spartans!