Democratic candidate shortlist for the 2020 election


Politics. The world of screaming opinions, controversial ideologies, and the current trigger topic for many. Similar to high school, politics has a varied reputation depending on the perspective. From the prom queen melt downs of years past to Buchanan-esk political failures, here are the top two future democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election.

Former Obama Vice President Joe Biden appears to be the front runner with plenty of political experience throughout his seventy-six years. From his Syracuse law degree to his two previous presidential candidacy runs, the third time might be the charm for this democratic moderate. His main concerns are regarding the working class’s economic protections and strengthening the country’s global economic foothold. Unfortunately for the slightly senial contender, it’s unlikely that he will make it all the way to the oval.

Old mishapps have put Biden in a less than presidential light despite the aforementioned issue. Specifically his campaign goofs from ‘08. Biden’s most popular demographic however, is the newest generation of voters who aren’t aware of any of this, and simply prefer the candidate for his campaign platform of reconstructing the middle class.

Biden’s performance in the September 12th debate however, was a high point of his campaign. He elaborated on his political agenda as well, a fresh change for supporters who had previously only heard his catch phrase Trump must be stopped. Healthcare was his main concern, specifically making jabs at Sanders’ and Warren’s support of an expansive Medicare plan. After the debate, the gap in the polls between him and Warren has shortened in part due to his blatant fumble when asked about slavery and systemic racism in the US.

Another candidate, Elizabeth Warren rides a wave of support from her home state of Massachusetts as a former US Senator and retired Harvard law professor. Warren’s main political selling points are in regard to economic opportunity, consumer protection, and the ‘social safety net.’ The safety net protections are invaluable to Americans who fall on hard times, as are made up of a network of Welfare Programs.

Warren appeals to all generations of women, as a supporter of single mothers and equal opportunities in the workforce. She has also written eleven bestselling books regarding finance and financial stability, helping her gain a new demographic through her readers as well as her previous students.

The biggest following of Warren’s is social media based. She encompasses a large demographic of people as a progessive, an advocate of LGBTQ+ rights, champion of middle class and working families, and a woman in a man’s world.

Warren also participated in the September democratic debate but managed to avoid personal attacks on credibility for the most part; her concerns focused on universal pre-k and housing. Warren is tries to keep her politics clean, as the other candidates get down in the mud.

The runners up include Bernie Sanders, Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, and Pete Buttigieg; Sanders leads the pack only a few points behind in the polls as of September 13th. Although some of these candidates have no political experience, (*cough*Yang*cough*) they have each clawed their way onto the board through grit and charisma, believing they have what it takes to lead the country.