Spartans Speak: spontaneous Spartans


Zachariah Krause

Editor for Spartan Oracle, Caden McCune meets with new team discussing hot topics.

 Orcutt Academy students are known for their high GPA and responsible ways, but we at the Spartan Oracle wanted to shake things up. We asked students about the most spontaneous thing they have ever done, and their answers may surprise you.

Zachariah Krause

Josiah DeBruno, a senior at Orcutt Academy answered, “I planned a trip to Disneyland the day before we left. That  was very spontaneous for me.”

Zachariah Krause

Senior Hayden Umphenour answered: “ I have jumped off the Avila pier with my cousin.”  

Zachariah Krause

“I played baseball while I was camping but we didn’t have any balls so we used cow pies,” said Kris Gilbertson, junior. 


“[When I was on a trip to Tijuana] I ate cow head and there was a tooth in the meat.” 

-Caden McCune, senior at Orcutt Academy


“My best friend dared me to dye my hair pink so I went to CVS and dyed my hair pink for a month.” 

-Anabella Decker, senior at Orcutt Academy.