Advanced students are taking the advanced placement tests


Marcos Gonzalez, Reporter

Finally! AP Testing for high school students has come to a wrap. The tedious testing that simulates a college-level curriculum can be one of the hardest tests high school students can take depending on the subject.


Orcutt Academy High School offers AP, or advanced placement, courses such as AP Language, AP Calculus, AP Government, AP Spanish, and more. Students in these classes tend to be upperclassmen. The courses are similar to honors courses, except students have the ability to take an exam at the end of the course to potentially earn college credits. To obtain these credits that AP classes can offer, students have to get a three, four, or five on the exam.


Students take a lot of time studying and preparing for their classes, and OA’s staff members who teach AP courses do their best assist students in preparation for their tests. AP Language student at OA, Hayden Umphenour,took the AP Language exam May 15th and felt surprisingly prepared, “the test wasn’t as hard as I was expecting, and most of the questions went pretty well. Writing the essays in AP Language all the time helped though for the essay portion of the test.” Fellow Junior Hailey Parker took both the AP Language and AP Calculus test, she told us, “the AP Language test was actually pretty good and easy, but the AP Calculus was a different story. I knew and understood the math, but the way the test was formated was just, confusing.”


Testing for AP classes can be difficult and stressful but OA’s ambitious student body who took part in it are finally done and excited to get some great results back!