Marvel Movies, what’s the best and what’s the worst


Marcos Gonzalez

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Marcos Gonzalez, Reporter

*small spoilers ahead*


Marvel movies are now a cultural staple; most people love them and a majority of people are invested in the franchise. So, you may be wondering, what are the best and worst Marvel movies? Here is my ranking from 22 to the coveted number one spot:


22: The Incredible Hulk- Now this one goes without saying, if you asked any Marvel fan what the worst Marvel movie is, this one comes to mind. Overall the movie is mismanaged and there is reason there hasn’t been any more Hulk films to follow this one. With this and only one other film as the lowest Marvel movie scores on Rotten Tomatoes with a 66%, it deserves its place as last on the list.


21: Thor: The Dark World – This along with many other Marvel films being released at the time like The Incredible Hulk, are all regarded as kind of lackluster Marvel films. This is  due to their slow pacing and somewhat unexciting storylines to what most fans expect from a Marvel movie. Only a big green monster is worse than this bummer of a film.


20: Iron Man 2: Compared to the last two on our list, Iron Man 2 isn’t nearly as boring, slow, or regarded by fans as being so bad, but still it’s no winner. The original Iron Man movie being an iconic start to Marvel’s take at movies, it was hard for a sequel to live up to expectations of fans.


19:Thor: The Thor movies are good, don’t get me wrong, but something about this movie compared to other first like the first Iron Man or Captain America, it just is missing something. The plotline is good, but half the time Thor is just stuck on Earth trying to figure things out… and who wants to watch that?


18: Iron Man 3 – Now in my opinion, this movie gets too much hate. Some great scenes in the film really help build up fans’ love for Iron Man with cute flashbacks and a great soundtrack, and something about it just has a great charm. It has some really great engaging scenes, but still lacks some more emotional plotline that the other two Iron Man films succeed in. Therefore, it gets a lower ranking.


17: Doctor Strange– Now this movie some might want placed lower on the list, but it has some really unique qualities compared to other Marvel movies. Doctor Strange feels like a movie seperate from the other Marvel films with it feeling not like a superhero movie but a fun fantasy movie set in a superhero world. It just has a refreshing something about it that no other Marvel film has, and who doesn’t want to see Benedict Cumberbatch wield magic in a cape.


16:Captain America The First Avenger- This movie is great and would be higher if it wasn’t for some disappointments in the end of the film. The movie has an amazing rising action including a great action sequence but the final act just was a letdown compared to the great fight scenes in the middle of the film. Otherwise, the movie is a start to the greatness that many Captain America films bring and many cherish.


15: Ant Man– This movie is where it is on the list due to the fact that seeing Paul Rudd in a superhero suit getting all tiny then all big again is just funny to watch. The movie does do a great job of leading us up for future Avenger films, and has some great moments and characters that audiences love like our protagonist Ant Man.


14:Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Now both the Guardians of the Galaxy movies hold a special place in my heart as some of the most fun movies to watch by Marvel. The 80s and 70s hits the music paired with the fun intergalactic space scenes, it’s really enjoyable to watch. This one does have some fun moments like a baby groot but the movie is a little too hard to follow even if you’ve watched the first film.


13:Ant Man and The Wasp– Now this one is basically the best of Marvel’s more unique films like Ant Man or Doctor Strange. Its like Ant Man but on steroids; everything is way more  interesting from the characters, plotline, and fight scenes. Also it’s key in understanding Endgame


12: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 – Now this movie literally sparks 11-year-old me’s love for 80s pop and rock. I’ll never forget the fight scene with Groot to Cherry Bomb by The Runaways and just jammin out in the theater. This movie is just so loveable


11:Captain America The Winter Soldier– Now all the Captain America movies are really good in my opinion, and this one stays true to that statement. This one, though, is a little boring compared to the Captain America films that follow it. It has some great moments with Bucky and the storyline was really interesting to follow. Something about the Captain America movies and their lack of superpower superheros makes it a little dull.


10:Avengers Age of Ultron: This out of all The Avengers movies is probably the most boring/confusing. Every other Avengers film brings in a villan we all know and love to dislike, but like who the heck is Ultron? The movie is still amazing and has some amazing scenes as most Avengers films do like when everyone takes turn at trying to pick up Thor’s hammer. Still, the plotline with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver was confusing and I think they could have taken Quicksilver further in the series.


9:Captain America Civil War– Now this movie takes what I dislike about most Captain America movies, the lack of interesting fights, and fixes that issue by 1000%. The whole movie is a great unification of many recent Marvel movies and added characters. The fights with newcomers like Spider-man and Ant Man were great and the pitting of some of our favorite heroes against one another is very intresting 10/10.


8:Captain Marvel: Now this movie had mixed reviews, but I don’t even understand why. This movie was so funny and so amazing to watch, and Captain Marvel could eat literally every Avenger for lunch if she wanted to–that’s how amazing this queen is. She is the OG Avenger and the movie has such Star Wars and Superman vibes all wrapped up in one. 12 out of 10 I would recommend it.


7:Iron Man: Now deciding whether this or Thor Ragnarok was superior to the other was probably the hardest choice on this list. Both have some of my favorite and funniest Marvel movie moments but something about the last Thor movie just felt different and unique. For this being the first Marvel movie, it’s pretty dang good! Seeing Robert Downey Jr. enact his role as Iron Man for the first time is great and seeing the growth from this movie to more recent Marvel movies is great. Still this movie compared to other early Marvel movies, holds its own pretty dang well and therefore itś this high on the list.


6:Thor Ragnarok: Now this film is just really funny and is probably one of the funniest Marvel movies to date. This is my own and many others favorite Thor movie. In many of Thor’s own personal films there is this solemn or serious tone over the whole movie and nothing of the sort is found in Ragnarok; it is full of laughs and amazing fight scenes with a storyline more easily digestible compared to the previous Thor movies. This brings the funny and more relatable Thor that we tend to see in more of the later Avengers films.


5: Spiderman Homecoming– This movie is just so loveable and holds a special place in many Marvel fans’ hearts. Seeing a new lovable Spiderman in Tom Holland was a great choice by Marvel. Its so fun to see someone as cool as Spiderman be so relatable through his coming-of-age moments in the film and his at time childish way of going about things. In the end though, it’s all enjoyable to watch and nice to a see a superhero as big and strong as Spiderman be so relatable.


4: Avengers Infinity War– This is such a love hate film for me. This has some of my favorite Marvel scenes ever and is just the perfect Avengers movies for anyone, like me, who just loves fight scenes. It just keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole movie and the ending just leaves you waiting for what’s next in the perfect way. I still remember the day and the feelings I had once this movie was over.


3: The Avengers– This movie was one that had to be this high on the list, The Avengers movies are probably the ones people look forward to most coming from Marvel. All your favorite heroes in one movie working together, how could you not love it? This movie was the one that started it all and for that reason its third on this list. It has some great moments in Marvel movie history, like when Hulk just smashes Loki like no ones business. I remember being about 9 years old and dying of laughter about that in the theater.


2:Black Panther: Now Black Panther deserves its place on this list, no doubt and possibly could be a competitor for the number one spot. This movie has one if not the best soundtracks in Marvel movies. Being nominated for 19 awards based on its soundtrack and winning some such as Outstanding Score and Best New Song. The movie has one oscar win and two nominations under its belt, as well as winning multiple Grammys for songs featured on its soundtrack. It was an amazing film for black representation in Hollywood and will be remembered for its impact on viewers through great cinematography and a unforgettable storyline.

1: Avengers Endgame – Without spoiling anything, this is easily the best Marvel movie to date. I feel other movies have plotlines easier to understand for the average viewer. Avengers Endgame though is the perfect film for the Marvel movie universe, everything comes full circle and I mean everything. It is an experience in the theater that I will never forget watching–and if you’re a Marvel movie fan, the film is just perfect in everyway.