Looking back on high school


Nick Carlson

Joe Carlson just graduated from OA and is now celebrating

Nick Carlson, Reporter

After graduating from Orcutt Academy High School many of our Spartans go off to college. One of those students is Joe Carlson, Orcutt Academy graduate of the class of 2018.


Carlson shares that OA set him up for success by pushing him academically and offering great academics programs as well as sports programs. Carlson says that during high school his friends and the times they had together were what made it so memorable. Carlson continues, “Looking back on high school I’ve taken away life experiences and work ethic as well as a knowledge base that will help me succeed in my future schooling.”


Carlson shares that he would not change anything about his high school experience at Orcutt Academy. He says that he enjoyed his time in high school and sometimes even wishes he could go back.


As far as advice for freshmen, Carlson says to find the appropriate balance between work and fun as soon as possible. He says that hard work will go a long way, and that OA has set him up for college by giving him many college credits that he can put towards his degree, giving him a head start.