OA teachers speak on the point of our education

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OA teachers speak on the point of our education

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A staff member recently told me “If you went to every teacher and asked them what the point of our high school’s education is here at Orcutt Academy, they would all have a different answer.” If of all of teachers believe there is a different point to out high school education, then that would mean all of our teachers do their job with a different intent. So, I asked many of our school’s teachers “What is the point of the education received at Orcutt Academy High School?”, and here’s what they answered.




“To expand students’ minds, to prepare them for their next step in life, career, or college, and to teach how to socialize.” – Mr. Shaw






“To foster lifelong learners.” – Ms. Montgomery








“To teach you conformity and society’s behavior and expectations so that you’re able to suffer through menial tasks without revolt.” – An anonymous teacher  






“My hope is to hopefully expand your mind critical-thinking-wise and to think about more things–and be more educated about the world; that’s my aim, while also getting the curriculum that the state says is imperative you should know.” – Ms. Bornhoft  





“I think each student has to expect that on our own, because you have some kids that are really good at academics and maybe they are going to go on to college, so they’re looking to get that basic knowledge they need to make the transition to a higher level of academics, [whereas] some people are maybe just not going to college but trying to find a trade or technical school that they could go to, trying to pick up some sort of skills to help them in the future. And hopefully here at OA we are teaching how to work together, how to be good human beings, how to be respectful, how to show up on time, and get things done.” – Mr. Bennett




“Well what would you do instead? It’s supposed to prepare you for college and life, help you develop your social and intellectual skills, problem solving, time management, responsibility. Because when you grow up and get a job things are going to be asked of you.” – Mr. DellArmo





“I guess it’s to prepare you for your next stage of life whether that be college or work or life in general.” – Ms. Penk






“I would have to say to provide students with a solid, well rounded educational foundation, so no matter what they’re going to do–college or career–they have a good background to spring from.” – Mr. Pedersen






“I think the point of high school education at least is creating informed citizens who can engage in democratic society.” – Mr. Culbara







“The skills that are learned in high school in order to succeed apply very closely to the skills that are needed to succeed in college. I don’t think it’s as much the core knowledge that we need, as the ability to persevere, the ability to have good time management; the things that you learn in high school are going to help you be successful in college.” – Mr. Fredriks