Vivian Meyer marching with the Orcutt Academy band

Vivian Meyer marching with the Orcutt Academy band

Vivian Meyer is instrumental to the OA band

Vivian Meyer, a freshman at Orcutt Academy as well as member of the school band, is multi-talented stand out on campus.

Meyer has been interested in music ever since her mother signed her up for piano lessons at the age of four. According to Meyer, she recalls her piano teacher also being her flute instructor, and who also influenced and urged her to join her school band. Meyerś has been involved with the band program since the fourth grade at Ralph Dunlap Elementary.

Mrs. Coburn, Meyer’s band teacher for the past three years, says that she is an ¨exceptional musician¨ and “does a nice job of learning her music on her own time.” This makes it possible for Coburn to assist the other members of the band; Meyer is a great example to the other students.

“She is very mature, responsible, and respectful… she’s a good leader because the students follow her lead on how to manage themselves, and conduct themselves well during rehearsal”

One of the many talents Meyer has is her ability to identify notes just upon hearing them; otherwise known as “perfect pitch.” This ability is helpful to her because, as she says, “I can know if I’m playing the right note and I can know if other people are playing their correct part.” She learned this ability from the teVelda Conservatory, a piano and string instrument school, which she started going to about eight years ago when she was in first grade. This school fostered her love for music even more, and urged her to learn even more instruments.

Meyer plays six instruments, including piano, oboe, trombone, flute, saxophone, and viola, and would love to learn even more. The instruments she plays most frequently for band is the oboe. Coburn says that she plays oboe “beautifully,” and “it really adds a lot to our ensemble.” Since the oboe is not a very common instrument, and is very difficult to learn and play well, and it really stands out in the band.

At one of the band’s competitions last year, the judges pointed out how amazingly Meyer played the oboe, and how much it stood out compared to the other instruments. According to Coburn, a conductor in the honors band even said that she plays oboe skillfully enough to play in a college-level band. However, even with the tendency for an oboe musician to stand out, Coburn says that Meyer “does a really excellent job at blending with everybody… and she’s not taking over the band; but fits in beautifully.”

Next year, Meyer expects to be even stronger musically, and intends to keep practicing and attending lessons as much as possible before next year. Coburn holds high hopes for Vivian in the upcoming year as well, saying, “I think every year that she’s in band she gains confidence and gets stronger.”

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