Success is relative, or at least that’s how the grading makes it seem


Mrs. KIntzi’s 2nd period success class

With so many classes and not enough teachers to go around, there tends to be multiple teachers teaching the same subjects. With all of these different teachers and different teaching plans, the grading for one class can be completely different in another.

One class that operates this way is senior success. This year, there are three different senior success teachers, and many students in those classes have discovered that the teachers calculate grades differently, and they are not being as successful as those in other classes.

Mrs. Kintzi, Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Ciervo are the senior success teachers this year, and while they try to collaborate with project assignments in all three classes, they all grade these assignments differently, and occasionally assign them at different times.

With Mr. Ciervo’s third period class being moved to Mr. Dell’Armo’s classroom, many students find themselves unsure of what they are supposed to do. Many of these students are struggling to keep up with all of the different assignments, while those in other classes don’t have to worry about grades.

Both Mr. Ciervo and Mrs. Kintzi teach classes other than success, while Mrs. Jones teaches only two periods of success. Almost all of the issues that come with different teachers grading differently could be solved if just one teacher taught all of the success classes. This is what was done last year, when Mrs. Chavez taught all of the senior success classes. With the same teacher, same assignments, and same grading methods, the seniors last year were able to be more successful.

Another way to help students to be more successful lies in the workings of AP bio last year. Last year, there were two AP bio teachers who both used the same lesson plans, assignments, tests, and grading methods; this made it easy for a student in one of the classes to ask a student in the other class for assistance in anything they were struggling with. This made it easier and less stressful for the students, and was easier for the teachers to collaborate on tests and lessons.

While I agree with my peers that it isn’t fair to be working so hard in a class and getting a worse grade than someone in the same class with another teacher, it is up to the teacher for adding and taking points away. The different methods of grading seem to be catered to the different teaching styles of teachers, and the different students in each class. However, it would be easier and less stressful for students if teachers collaborated more.

Success is a class focused on making life easier for students, both now and in the future, and I believe that the teachers should take the students’ best interests to heart when deciding on what to assign the students and how to grade them.