Why you should love your BIG hair


Sinai Wasserman

Why you should love your BIG hair

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

Your big hair is a lot of work, trust me, I know it and so does everyone else. But that poofy goodness on the top of your head is appreciated by all who have eyes for beauty. As stated on Beragamrupa.com,

“You’re never fully dressed without great hair,”

and you hair is more than just great – it’s majestic.


I know from my own experience that the people around me probably love my hair more than I do. Now it is granted that they will never know the hard work behind keeping up with majestic curls like my own, but from what I have been told, I have left many people envious of the volume and shape of my hair.


Think about the people around you with really thin flat hair; they don’t have the options you do for styling. If they use a hair curler, their hair will get badly damaged immediately, whether or not they use some sort of heat protectant. In your case, you can use products to make your hair more or less curly or style it with heat or some other styling, and even though there will be damage it won’t be as bad as if you had thinner hair. The hardest part for you in styling your hair is choosing what you want to do with it. (If the choice is too hard for you here is a link that may make the decision a little easier: https://spartanoracle.com/22336/opinions/your-big-hair-is-controllable/)


Most people appreciate that your hair is different; they think your big hair is fun. It’s also a great conversation starter, as when people first see your hair, they will want to know what your ethnicity is and how you manage it. If you’re someone who loves compliments, you best believe that when you let your curls out, you will get plenty. If everyone around you loves your hair, you should too.


Your hair is also a great cover and protector from the complications of life. When I was young, my bicycle fell on a bee hole and the only reason my scalp had no stings was because the bees got stuck in my curls. I came away with no stings after a full on attack from a bee colony simply because I have big hair. If you have something on your forehead, like a bump, acne, or you’re trying not to get a sunburn on your face, your big hair is the perfect cover up.


All in all, if everybody around you thinks your hair is great, you have countless styling options, and your hair can protect you from whatever life throws your way, you should adore, and even thank, your beautiful curls.