Prom theme reveal turns to online outrage


Hope Davidson

Students were polled about the prom theme.

At the 2019 prom fashion show, seniors were stunned to learned that the theme “Here’s to Us” was going to be put into place. Following the choice of the prom theme, many students took to social media via an anonymous account titled “oaprom2019” to voice their frustrations with the outcome. The Class of 2019 representatives and advisor have heard the large uproar of discontentment from the senior class in the past week. Here’s the recap of the senior drama that has recently occurred.

The main outlet in which seniors are expressing their opinions about the theme is through the Instagram account: oaprom2019. The account has no affiliation with the official class of 2019 and was created by a student as a way to get the message to class leaders, in hopes of changing the theme for this year’s prom.

Similar to multiple students who commented on the account’s posts, the creator of the account is not a fan of the theme, but is additionally upset about the process in which the theme was chosen. publicly commented on the account: “not to be rude, but unless the prom decorations are already bought and it’s all set, you should change it due to popular demand, it’s unfair to have a theme that we did not vote for.” In another public post, @em.hink claims, “They did it in a sneaky and deceiving way.”

During an October Class of 2019 meeting, it was decided the prom theme would need to be determined by the end of the month. According to records, only a handful of people attended the meeting and class president Celine Busnelli suggested asking Senior Success classes for theme ideas in order to hear from more of the class.

After visiting the five success classes, Celine returned to class advisor Mrs. Williams with five possible themes: Magical Fairy Tale Garden, Paris Nights, Venice, Disco, and “Here’s to Us”.

Knowing the secret venue for this year’s prom, Williams and a team of parents decided on the theme “Here’s to Us” as a way to “celebrate you and the past four years”. Williams describes the “Here’s to Us” theme as meaning “wishing you well” and views the prom as a giant party to celebrate the high school years and the future.

However, there was no vote held for students to vote on the five theme options.

The theme is largely based off the prom set in the Netflix original movie The Kissing Booth, which was popular in summer 2018 but has since then some of its impact with teen audiences. Williams says she was advised to watch the movie for decorations ideas, implying the prom decoration for this year may look very similar to that of the movie.

In a survey of 124 seniors taken via Google Form, it was evident a majority of the class is unhappy with the 2019 prom theme as only 16 people voted “yes” to liking the prom theme and may even decrease the attendance of the dance.

Do you like the prom theme?

Class representative Rachel Golden says her and the other class leaders took their knowledge of the strong dislike of the theme by the senior class to their advisor Mrs. Williams, but claims the theme is in place and will not change. The representatives are encouraging the upset students to attend the upcoming class meeting in the next few weeks to hear about the process and voice concerns.