When it rains, it floods Orcutt Academy


Orcutt Academy's hallway's flooded from the recent storm.

Recently in California it has been raining. Quite a lot. This may not be an official weather report by The Spartan Oracle, but nonetheless the rain has taken its toll on Orcutt Academy.

Orcutt Academy’s campus is susceptible to flooding here and there. The grass that separates room 9 across from room 5 is slanted just enough to make water go rushing down in front of room 5, completely blocking access to the sidewalk from one side of the hallway. This makes getting to most classes along that sidewalk an obstacle, and blocks many peoples routes to their next class. We as the students would like to not wade through water to get to our science classes.

When it rains for as long as as it has been recently, some students have opted to stay under the canopies and in the hallways during breaks and at lunch. With a mass of people in the hallways, both indoor and outdoors, this can lead to some safety problems. With locked classroom doors as well, students at OA just have it hard merely getting to their next periods.

Maybe it’s time to add some more canopies throughout the school too. I know that many teachers open their doors to students during lunch, but there should be some other forms of protection from the weather available to the students.

Drainage systems have also been put up to the test, showing sometimes poor quality draining of the grassy area between room 9 and 5. From time to time, gutters spew water onto the ground from the roof as if there were random waterfalls around campus.

All in all, the recent rain storms have really tested our schools drainage systems, and it shows that we need improvements. What’s the point of a drainage system if it doesn’t drain?