New year, new memories

With all the holidays approaching, New Year’s Eve is the most underrated. Like most people, I do your basic Christmas traditions, like binge-watching Christmas movies and creating Mariah Carey Christmas playlists on Spotify. However, I enjoy carrying out one particular New Year’s Eve tradition the most. Throughout 2018, I’ve collected random items that remind me of the memory I once had, that is related to those items. This includes polaroid pictures of friends, written letters, movie tickets, photo booth pictures, theme park admission tickets, etc. I collect them all and put them in a memory box, which I never look through until New Year’s Eve. On the night of New Year’s Eve before 2019 starts, I like to open my memory box and reminiscence about all the memories I made in 2018. This helps me reflect on my growth and experiences throughout the year, as well as the memories I’ve made. Some memories make me laugh, and others make me sad. Before the clock strikes 12:00 on New Year’s Day, I like to throw away those items that remind me of a unfortunate time during 2018. New Year’s Eve gives me an opportunity to “start over” and truly have a new beginning. It gives me motivation to create more beautiful memories in 2019.

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