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As the countdown to Thanksgiving becomes shorter and shorter, it gives us time to think on what we are thankful for in our lives. For me, there are many things I’m thankful for: friends, family, a spam account, my bed. To narrow it down, though, I’d give my thanks to music. Throughout the day, music can influence my mood so much. As a cheerful and ecstatic person naturally, an upbeat pop song coming on helps uplift my mood and makes me want to dance. When I’ve had a bad day, it’s nice to come home and either listen to some lofi or even some oldies to make the day better. Sometimes you just want to cry with some sad music, and for that I’m thankful. Music can make a good or bad day better or worse, and it holds so many memories. Everyone has songs tied to a good memory. Me? I love Macy Gray’s “Related to a Psychopath” because of the memories of dancing to it at a young age. Overall, I’m just thankful for how helpful music can be to me and my emotions, memories, and daily life. Thank you, music!

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