California’s natural wonders

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California’s natural wonders

A cascade at beautiful Lake Tahoe.

A cascade at beautiful Lake Tahoe.

A cascade at beautiful Lake Tahoe.

A cascade at beautiful Lake Tahoe.

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One of the great parts of California that often gets overlooked is the myriad of natural wonders it has to offer. From great granite towers to coastal beauty, the state offers one of the most diverse natural wonders in the country. To complement these awesome places, there are equally awesome parks that allow people to appreciate these wonders. For anyone who wants to experience nature of California but is not sure where to go, this is my top five state and national parks in the state of California.

5. DL Bliss State Park

A beach at DL Bliss State Park.

The premier state park of Tahoe Lake is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of California’s largest freshwater lake. According to, the park offers both camping and day use. Overall, the park is great simply because it is located in Tahoe, and gives the visitor an easy access to the Lake, but other than this, there isn’t too much to write home about.

4.Imperial Dunes Beuro of Land Management

Dune buggies riding in Imperial Dunes.

The imperial dunes is a range of desert dunes that are some of the most extensive ATV riding areas in the state, located just North of the Mexican border in California’s Imperial County. The Imperial Dunes offer unique camping and ATV riding opportunities, giving campers free rein of where to stake their campsite and where to ride.

3.Montana de Oro State Park 

The seashore of Montana De Oro. 

A local gem, Montana de Oro is a lesser known, but incredibly beautiful, park located just south of Morro Bay. It offers a stunning seashore with unique shale formations that are amazingly pretty. The campground is okay in size, and offers a variety of spots for tents, although not ideal for RV’s. Also, it offers some of the most extensive horse, hiking, and biking trails on the central coast. It is a must-see for anyone on the central coast.

2.Pinnacles National Park

The Pinnacles of Pinnacles National Park

Located in the middle of the Central Valley, at first glance, Pinnacles is nothing more than a mundane campground in the hills. But a short car ride from the campsites to a trailhead, then to a medium-level hike leads to a wondrous valley full of unique pinnacle features. I love this park because of its surprise factor. Sure the campground alone might be a fun place to spend a weekend, but you would never guess that this place in the middle of nowhere is home to such an interesting and truly unique part of nature.

1. Yosemite National Park

A shot of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

Yellowstone might have been the first national park, but anyone who has ever visited Yosemite knows that it is the father of all other national parks. The one word I could use to describe the massive piece of land nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is: powerful. This is due to the great sequoias, rich history, stunning geology, and absolutely breathtaking granite mountains, just to name a few. People say that everyone should visit the Grand Canyon at least once in their lives, and I agree. But I think people should visit Yosemite Valley before the Grand Canyon. All the other parks on this list are great, but Yosemite belongs in a category all of its own.

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