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It’s early November and elections all around the country are coming to a close. Here are some of the results so far in California.

Probably the biggest news for California was the race for

governor which ended with Gavin Newsom being victorious.  Newsom ran alongside 27 others to replace previous Gov. Jerry Brown at the end of his term. Newsom winning didn’t pose much of a surprise as reports showed him as the frontrunner throughout most of the campaign. His qualificati

ons include acting as San Francisco’s mayor in 2004 until leaving to work under Gov. Brown as a lieutenant in 2011.

While there were many candidates, the most competition was between  democratic Newsom and republican John Cox. Majority vote placed Newsom at 59.4% ahead of his opponent’s 40.6% out of a total 7,282,367 votes. Gavin Newsom is well known for being for gay marriage rights, universal health care, and the legalization of marijuana.

California residents also voted to approve or dismiss 11 propositions to the state. Six out of the eleven were approved, one being Proposition 7, which will change California Daylight Saving Time to conform to federal law. This gives the legislature the option to change daylight saving time. If no changes are made, California will keep the current daylight saving time period from March to November.

Proposition 6 was denied, which would have repealed the 2017 tax increase on gas and eliminate road repair and transport funding through the state. This outcome is controversial among many as some say the measure is necessary because life in California is too expensive and the state’s money needs to be spent in better ways, while others think it is a reasonable and effective way to raise funds to maintain roads.

Closer to home were the recent outcomes of the Orcutt Union Board elections. There were three open spots on the board and five candidates competing to fill them. Existing board members Lisa Morinini and Liz Phillips will be joined by the newly elected Melanie Waffle, Mark Steller, and Shaun Henderson this December. None of the elected board members have education experience, but have management positions in Orcutt and are very passionate about the Orcutt schools.

The outcomes of this month’s elections mark an exciting time of the year, where citizens can exercise their right to vote on some controversial matters. Let’s hope the results bring constructive changes and new perspectives to our California communities.  

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