Future Navy Seal: Nicole Wold


Photo provided by Nicole Wold

Nicole Wold and other students at the Sea Cadets boot camp.

Hayden Umphenour, Reporter

Orcutt Academy senior Nicole Wold is a part of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. The Sea Cadets is the youth program for the Navy Seals. The Navy is able to recognize the youth and their interest in joining the military after high school.


The program contains different ranks and places for beginners and more advanced students. Wold joined the program at the beginning of her junior year. “I joined in the place of someone else who was going to join, and I read about it more and thought it was really interesting and a great opportunity.”


There are a few small requirements in order to be a part of the program. There is a fee of $150, a physical exam (bootcamp) where students attend to gain strength, along with written tests as well. Wold states, “There are different trainings throughout California, and each state has different boot camps. I went to the recruit training in Sacramento.”


Wold, along with many other students around the country, are growing and furthering their abilities through this program.