Gym Short: Robbie Birch


Neel Panchal, Reporter

Boy’s golf is still a ways away, but golf captain Robbie Birch explains the importance of maintaining a good swing and consistently practicing.


Robbie Birch states, “To keep your swing consistent, you have to practice throughout the entire year and off-season.” Robbie Birch is currently the only student athlete at Orcutt Academy to have hit a hole-in-one, which was 203 yards. Birch is practicing week after week and hopes to have an incredible season. Birch replied ¨I’m excited for what I can do individually, but I am also excited for how we can succeed as a team.¨ When asked how he feels about being captain, Birch commented that ¨I feel like I can really help out the younger guys, and give them tips on how to become better golfers and teammates.” Birch is looking to have a future in golf after high school, and his numbers do speak for it.  Last season, he finished number 2 in the entire league and was the only player that took a trip to CIF from Orcutt Academy.


The future is bright for the Orcutt Academy golf team, and Robbie Birch is looking to make a statement this upcoming season.