The pros of schools spending money on technology

Adelyn Gaither, Reporter

Technology has become an increasingly important tool in schools. Computers are used for classroom assignments and homework. There are many important roles technology plays in schools, which is why it’s important that schools put money towards purchasing it.


Technological devices, such as tablets and computers, benefit students in the sense that they make students’ notes more accessible. If a student takes notes in a notebook, they have to carry the notebook everywhere they need it. If notes are taken on a computer, students can pull out a phone or borrow a friend’s and have the notes accessible to them right away. Students having access to notes wherever they go could benefit them on tests to achieve an overall higher grade in the class.


Technology also gives students access to many different resources for help in a class. During a class, a student can search many different resources to fully understand the material being taught by the teacher.


While technology is expensive, so are classroom textbooks. Many textbooks are available online for free. If each student was issued a school iPad or computer, many students would excel in subjects they might be struggling. Students carrying around their own technological device, such as an iPad, will have all the information they learned in the school day at home.


Notes and online textbooks on one simple device could also save students from having to carry around a heavy backpack. By eliminating physical textbooks and notepads and using online ones, students would no longer have to haul 10-20 pound packs on their back for the school day.


Teachers also benefit from technology in school. Through online programs, a teacher can look at each class and see who has and hasn’t turned in assignments with no headache of having a paper with a missing name. Online multiple choice assignments can also be graded automatically by the computer, giving the student their score right away and the teacher more time to work on lesson plans.


Technology helps students and teachers have a more stress free life and access to assignments anywhere they go. This is why schools should spend money on technology.